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Saffron harvest
Saffron harvesting in iran is old.
Desert and arid zones of khorasan(torbat heydariye and zave) are the home center of growing this plant.
This product has been said to be up to seven thousaud years old in khorasan food stuff.
Out of 100 to 200 thousand saffron plant, about 5 kg of saffron flowers is obtained.it will be reduced to one kilogram.
The more the flower is bud,the easier the picking is.
Nith sudden changes in weather and rain and snow, saffron flowers will be ruined.
And the obtaind saffron will be poor

.This colored and precious plant is without stalk it has bulbs, Growing in desert, named this plant red gola or desert gold.
Most workers come from torbate-jaam city to work on farms.
These workers often work as family members.
Cleaning and drying saffron are performed in houses traditionally and packing is done in factories.